22 Sep 2006

Confessions of a Sane Man

Bored! That’s what I am, back home in the 'city of lights'....... ‘‘Baaaaah humbug''

Yes, besides the long distanced love, which now is in close proximity and food galore, there is a blank space?
‘Change in attitudes’ have overcome friendship, true friendship; residing and prevailing over me right now.

And the rains… aaaaargh! Saviour of the Indian climate worsened my stay even more, or probably brought out the true nature in ‘them’.
‘Naakaa’ – ‘their’ incessant tantrums being brought into the foreground irked me; I savored my Independence. I proclaim myself to be a ‘Yela Fella’.
Thank you for the ‘book’, it did lessen the pain a tad.

Hmm, maybe smoking does help; *they* had resorted to it when frustrated.
Should I? Dares’t I?

“Baaaaah humbug”


Varun Jain said...

I wonder who 'they' refers to...

purpleshunshinethings said...

i am tagging you.

write happy things.

things that make you happy.

ten of them.

i love you.

rohit said...

i have tagged yu aswell...

i think yu shudnst dare...