7 Apr 2007

...To Anybody

I like who I am,
Whom i have grown up to be....
I do not need anything,
At least, none at all, from You
or You, or even You!

You, Steer clear from my sight.
I don't need this from You as well.

You, whose paws are as white as snow, I did not expect such a transformation. Perhaps, I had been blind all the while.
You, a kiss which delved into our kinship, have leapt into Their Realms....still clinging on.
You, whom I never really got along with, Stay in your 'Enlightened' shell.
You, who made me cry for the very first time, I thank you. You have opened my eyes to witness the sad truth.

And You, the light of my life, the other for whom i lived, I NEED TO FORGET YOU.

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