3 Jul 2006

Babbles Of An Inane Rippling Brook

*My most favourite birthday gift.*
Ladies and Gents, my best friend Sneha *BITCH* Roy.
I've chosen her to be in my play[ if there were to be one ], which shall delve deep into the relationship between a married woman and her brother-in-law. The brother-in-law being me. Don't get any idea's, perv's.
It actually shall be based on the kinship between these two protaganists.
I've decided to potray other characters in the form of demons, hence there shall be lot of painted faces [ is there a make-up-artist-who-doesnt-take-money in the house ? ]
I've decided to make it a very colourful play, inspite of all the trauma which shall be the highlight of the play. Oh yes, the play shall be in Black And White [ Wanted: Costume Designer, come cheap ].
The 'word' for the main night shall be 'donkeey' [ audience members should refrain from changing the tense ].
Free Goods: audience members shall be given masks so that they can feel they are a part of the play; and also to freak the actors on stage.
Donations: it is below our dignity to beg for money, so shell out on the main night, and we shall request you to come back two weeks later to watch the actual play. 'Be A Man! Do The Right Thing!'
And finally, last but certainly not the least, if there are people stupid enough to read this entire post, and those who seem elated by it, I need actors, 'coz i need those expressions which you bear right now. cheers!


Tiny Black Cat said...

when is this *ahem* very interesting thing happening? awaiting the audience member mask.

anna-rchy said...

id be interested in doing costumes and make-up, as long as you guys are serious about this.

very well-taken pictures btw.

rohit said...

okay great.. nice post ..s owhat du i get to be the demon???

Anonymous said...

I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing