16 Jun 2011

DTE June 16-30

I am going to upload a few of my better illustrations from the magazine from now on.

Marketing our resources

GM, Thriller version
Could go on a t-shirt.

I WANT to attack you MY WAY


Puck said...

LOVING the GM. Can I put it on a t-shirt!? Please!?

Onrak GT said...

Thanks, but not just yet. 'tis for the magazine I work for.

Puck said...

Well you should get DTE to put it on their t-shirts. I'd buy one :)

Maverick Muezzin said...

agree with Puck. combining mutants and vegetables, two of my favourite things. awesome XD

Onrak GT said...

Thank you sir :)

Alannah D'souza said...

Nice work betty!