8 Jun 2011

Do you know a DUMB waiter when you see one?

Posters for a play (read above)
Performance is on the 29th of June, at IHC ( India Habitat Centre ), Delhi at 7 PM by the troupe I have joined, Yatrik.
Do come. 


little boxes said...

just when it thought you couldnt any cooler, you begin acting :P
it's one of my favourite plays, i like the first one better- more relatable to the play.
try reading Pinter's Birthday Party.

Anonymous said...

Love the poster! Didn't know you had joined a troupe! Awesome. I am working at Ranga Shankara now, full time. Tell me if you come to Bangalore. Lots of theatre-ing to do with you!

urmila said...

oooh i like the posters!
Now become a famous theater person quickly so you can become a bollywood superstar as per the original plan.

Kavya V said...

Love! were both the posters used? cos the styles are rather different

Anonymous said...

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