11 Aug 2008

The visitor and us

“Why, hello there! I’ve been expecting you for a while now. Good you’ve finally arrived.”
Yes, yes come in, wont you. We have been expecting you for a long time now, a very long time. Wretch. Do you know what happens to filthy little girls who…

“Oh no, never mind the shoes, please. Yes, what did you say? A voice? No, my dear there isn’t anybody else here but the two of us. Maybe it’s in your head, child. Go on then, make yourself comfortable”
Yes, make yourself comfortable, very comfortable. We wouldn’t want the carcass to not taste rich, would we now, wretch!

“Eh, what was that again dear? No, I didn’t say anything. Like I said, it’s probably something going on in that petite little head of yours. But don’t worry yourself silly about it, I too have voices in me, and I talk to them when I’m mostly alone.”
Yes, good voices, very good voices! All the better to mind control you with, my dear and all that fairy tale jazz…

“Would you like to have anything?”
Aah, headed towards the right direction, I see.. Going right for the main course. What would we like to have now wretch. Little girl tossed and sliced salad, or Little girl sautéed with boiled liver and eggs. Yes, I love eggs, but actually it’s been a hot and tiring day, so how about Little girl on the rocks, and heavy on the scotch, or perhaps, Little girl Screwdriver, or…

“Oh, my dear you are a step above me with these uncanny hallucinations. Now, please tell me what you would want to have now.”


“I am going to make you some of my special tea, dear. It’s got some herbs and some spices and some more of other things that I cannot disclose to you, hehehe! It’s been a secret for many years now dear, but I promise once you sip it, you will be in an utmost state of tranquility”
Yes, and why don’t we add a bit of Melancholy and Chaos while we’re at it. Okay, I’m getting a bit ‘Shakespearean’ here; just add mud. But you know what, you’re a coward. You’re nothing but a bloody ‘wuss’! You won’t do anything; you will just sit there and look into her eyes lovingly as a doctor would to his patient.
Then again, “there now is a new character in our plot; the mad male- nurse’ namely moi who will give the patient the wrong medicine accidentally. Accidentally… hahahaha…

“Here we are. Have it piping hot, it works best then; believe you me, you will feel at ease in just a split second. And then we can get on to better things dear.”
Step right in for the kill, then?! What say you, wretch!

“ I do hope you like the tea. I love experimenting in the kitchen. So far, this is the only good thing I’ve come up with. I tend to my hunger everyday with something new or,…”

“Oh dear, she’s collapsed!!”

“So which part do you want! I like the face down to the neck.”

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