4 May 2008

a Ghost Story

Pitter Patter Drops
The water work commences
Pitter Patter Drops.

Just a little left,
Only a little left now.
Still, pitter-patter.

Another day spent
Making way from the Gallows ……

Ugh, still more to come.

Night hath come, once more.
She acts mysteriously,
This specific night.

There is Moon this night.
A subtle glow lights my path.
I thank thee, O’ Night.

Homeward bound, I am.
To the place where my heart is.
Oh, but for these Drops.

The incessant Rain.
She seems permanent, tonight.
Vindictive and vain.

Came on hard this night.
Cuts mine skin. The slivers fly.
There is none in sight.

From a short distance,
I see my abode – calm, fine.
Am nearly there now.

Aaah! I see it now.
Hot coffee and a nice book.
Home sweet, almost home.

Just a little left.
Only a little left now.
Like a hop away.

Sounds of keys. I arrive.
I enter my palace. Yes!
I breathe in and look.

Everything. Perfect.
The sweet scent gets me always.
Everything. Exact.

I take the staircase.
My room is on the first floor.
I need to clean up.

My room. Everything mine.
With its bed and a cupboard.
And an attached restroom.

No power tonight.
I enter the dark restroom.
Moonlight aids my vision.

I refreshen up.
I feel cleansed. Just one more chore.
The mirror is tilted.

I look into it.
Nothing has changed. I see me.
It has been quite long.

Time has passed, since then……
The flesh hanging from my face.
My bones, visible.

It has been long since…
The 10th of May; three years back.
I breathed a new being.

Steve Jones did warn me.
Mixing chemicals can harm.
Boy! Was he right then!

“You’re doing it wrong”.
Maybe I should have listened.
My looks suffered. Heh!

Hmmm.. This is me now.
Oh well, should have listened then.
Now for some coffee .


sargam gupta said...

u idiot...how abt mentioning that it is a haiku? the amount of times u made me read it!

a.v.koshy said...

i like this one - with slight reworking it would be solid

Dulce said...

Keep up the good work.