25 Jun 2006

Boys Don't Cry..

Close your eyes so your don't hear then
They don't need to see you cry
I can't promise I will heal you
But if you want to I will try

I'll sing this somber serenade
The past is done
We've been betrayed
It's true
Someone said the truth will out
I believe without a doubt,
in you

You were there for summer dreaming
And you gave me what I need
And I hope you find your freedom
For eternity...For eternity

Yesterday when you were walking
We talked about your mum and dad
What they did that made you happy
What they did that made you sad

We sat and watched the sun go down
Picked a star before we lost the moon
Youth is wasted on the young
Before you know it's come and gone too soon

You were there for summer dreaming
And you gave me what I need
And I hope you find your freedom
For eternity...For eternity - Robbie Williams.

[17th December, 2005, 3:56 am, I didn’t cry yesterday in school, but this song is so beautiful, I had to give in to my emotions. I love you guys and will miss you deeply.]

So is it true? Have we been condemned to being the tougher sex for eternity? Do boys really not care? Have we given ourselves in to masculinity that is man? Is this all just a farce? Yes, yes it definitely is a complete farce!!
We have cried….

Today, the 16th of December, 2005, our last official school day has truly been the most brilliant day of my life. I got to see our teachers cry for us and that made me feel extremely proud because not only have they made an impact in our lives, but we, too must have touched them over the years.
The initial phase of the day turned out to be the same as any other last day before the vacations, staff versus prefects match & a very long break; but after that long break was an intense half hour for us 12’s.
As we bid the field farewell for the very first time, we were encountered with what we felt would never happen to us; that mixed feeling which creates a crystal in our eyes, the effect of which is so great. The feeling had sunk in.
We were crying…

There was sniffing, there was the positioning of the hands on each eye, there were red eyes, and then! They came, .tears. That one droplet of water secreted by our lachrymal glands bound all of us together; boys with smiles on their faces came forward with open arms to embrace their fellow batch mates. Boys of a younger batch came too, a tear can do wonders.
We cried…

Guys whom we were not exactly close with were coming forth and giving us a hug saying, ‘‘Friends Forever’’. It was magical. This is what we waited for…

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Vidit said...

ur dam rite...nearly lived back the day readin ur post