16 May 2012


I had visited the Umbrella site, a free publication in the UK, by chance and wanted to illustrate for them. Fortunately, I had the privilege to do so despite my time-management skills, or the lack of it. The article spoke of the craze-d TV show Man vs Food, and the host's, Adam Richman, ginormous appetite that lures him into every American town to try the most famous dish or anything that would come across as a challenge.

                  Go to Page 16 to see my illustration.

DTE 16-31 May COVER!

My 2nd cover for Down To Earth
Have a read


                                                       Again, thank you Surya Sen

10 Apr 2012

Birthday Portrait

I've not been very good at portraiture, as I've mentioned previously in my posts, 
though it is something I love working on.
I make them look extremely different (read, ugly), 
but I don't necessarily mind it.

This is
Tisha Deb Pillai 
(D.O.B 09.04.1989)

22 Mar 2012


This was done for a conference on the rights to pedestrian and cycle friendly roads, bringing about current affairs of an urban Indian road, and the lapse in its design. 
Done for the Air Pollution Control unit, Centre for Science and Environment

These initially were posters which later on became Standee's, and were a joy to work on because it's a cause worth putting the effort. 
ALSO, my very first set of Adobe Illustrator artworks. 

A special thank you to Avantika Jalan for her brilliant feedback and Sargam Gupta for her immaculate typography skills!

AT THE SITE(Thanks for the pictures Papia!)

18 Jan 2012


A few days ago, my friend, Devashish Guruji surprised me with this amazing art piece he had worked masterfully on his BlackBerry mobile. I was most amused, and as an entertainer, I never like to let my audience down.

I also suggest you play this track whilst.


Work in progress ( W.I.P)


Dear Deboo,

This could possibly mark the beginning of many 'illustrative' wars. 


16 Jan 2012

DTE 16-31 January COVER!

My first cover at Down To Earth.
Do have a read here

Thank you Surya Sen.

27 Dec 2011

DTE January 1-15

You may possibly need 3d glasses for this, and if it works, do leave a comment stating that it does :)

Laangchaa'r Locha (Trouble of the Laangcha)

For the Science Fiction Issue, a first for Down To Earth. DO have a read of the different views of authors, on the topic of SCI-FI.
Taken inspiration from photo-collage, 3d, realism paintings, retro posters.

19 Nov 2011

you bookMark!

Bookmarks for CSE (Centre for Science and Environment), that I had designed have finally come back from the printers [however, these are just test samples]. There are 5 different ideas in this set, each displaying an idea or a unit of the organisation [for example, air pollution, Water, potty  etc.]. I am going to tweak them a bit more just so they are absolutely perfect and have a 'likeable' quality about them.
BUT it's a complete joy to see your work ready [almost] to be adopted by the world.
Paper : elephant poop.

11 Nov 2011

Model Monst*rs

MODEL 1 # Madhu
MODEL 2 # Shagun
MODEL 3 # Ramola

I've not really had time for myself, and somehow I managed. I've been told that my characters are generally weird and diseased looking, and I actually take pride in that. Here's aiding my disease. 

ps : I don't mean to harm anybody's sentiments.