10 Apr 2012

Birthday Portrait

I've not been very good at portraiture, as I've mentioned previously in my posts, 
though it is something I love working on.
I make them look extremely different (read, ugly), 
but I don't necessarily mind it.

This is
Tisha Deb Pillai 
(D.O.B 09.04.1989)


lilyblossoms said...

Nicely, the best part you have not tried to be perfect with facial expressions and that's the catch out here!!

blue flowers said...

Loving it, funnily enough there is this strange similarity...hmm

little boxes said...

i havent seen her, but this looks nice :)
and "ugly" is relative.
a very happy birthday to her!

blue flowers said...

So as a sign of undying love for your blog I have nominated you..run along and check mine!


Anonymous said...

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