15 Sep 2011



Anonymous said...

The second one is very you, and nicely done!
The fourth one is very unlike you, but very nice too. I like the textures!
The third one is interesting, add some more detail though!

urmila said...

Its really nice to see your illustrations taking off and incorporating new styles :)
Good job karnawati.
(*sniffles like a proud mum)

jazzlamb said...

Ah, I drop in after a long, long time; and mighty fancy work I see :) Good going, sir! :D

Devashish Guruji said...

I like the cigarette pack one :) Dont know what its for but can write very clearl stories about it, thats where it works as an illo i guess... Its clean and witty.. and witty looks good on you K :)

Kavya V said...

I do love your work karnew, especially those faces (like the 2nd one) which are uniquely you and so...weird (in a nice way) =)