16 May 2011

One of the options for the cover. REJECTION is not all that's cracked up to be.

For the genetically modified food (cover story) table. How many do you spot? Read more here.
To read the articles.


Devashish Guruji said...

the first one's got lovely faces.. build on that :D lots of textures mished up.. balance it out.. though can be worked on well :D the image shouldn't look like 2 halves thts all.. otherwise i love the way the illos are going..

you should check out tht caricature guys face... wotisname!?!?!? ppl will kill me for forgetting it...

uurrgh.. will tell you when i remember

Onrak GT said...

Thanks Debi, yeah I need to be more efficient with the mixers.

Wind up bird said...

ha ha all my hardwork :P
but the window looks much better :D and its good u replaced the perverted banana with the cauliflower....
but but but
what are those green things coming out of the right guys shoulder?!

i still like the illustration. should not have been rejected.

little boxes said...

the green thing would be the surgeon's mask, i think?
i love the shadows of vegetables on hooks.
and the faces.