27 May 2011

Amreekkun Daainnurh!

I like my vertical sketch pad.

They played this song while I was there too. Best.


Akshataa Vishwanath said...

really nice :) all the recent stuff!

Uditi said...

korrnyy. lovee eet. especially the 2nd. show more, and gift me a pink vertical sketch pad too. :D

Onrak GT said...

if I find another 'pink' one I'll get it for you guys.

divya gaitonde said...

I second the second. nice second, and I want vertical pad also.

little boxes said...

sigh.i love american diner...es their bar stools.
(i am weird that way)
love the second one :)

Aajwanthi said...

Lovee the second illo Karna! You were drawing these when we met, yes? Super!