28 Apr 2010

An Ode to Love

[something I had written a long while back.. thought I'd share it now]

I saw a dream, friend.
‘Twas not about court jesters and scents of lavender.
Nay! It did not support silken thread,
Nor of sole menders.

‘Twas thee, dear.
Thou, of magnificent splendour and grace
Came to me with great fear,
Speaking at a steady pace.

“Sire, thou mustn’t speak with such misery
For thou shall only be in grief”.
I tell thee, “ ‘tis not for anything,
But for thou being free”

“Mine only compatriot
No more shalt be by mine side.
Thou went off in thine chariot
To meadows and valleys beyond the skies ”.

Thou dost say to be brave;
‘Tis a feeling I cannot portray
Nay! Not at a Time so late.
Not at a Time of dismay.

Thou art still the closest to mine heart
Thou art still the pleasure of mine soul.
I loved thee from Dawn till the next,
And now thee are no more.

Grief hath struck me, bitter.
Her sinewy and sharp grasp doth keep me nighted
And ‘tis the after feeling that does me,
But I must stay a calm creature.

I must stay calm,
And I must live with courage,
For now I have thee forever.
Forever and long till the end of my rein.


Scarlett-speak said...

Karno, this is lovely!

Scarlett-speak said...

Karno, this is beautiful!