17 Mar 2010

New Brahmins - editorial illustration

There is a huge and growing aspirational class that supports the oligarchy of success, because it is straining at the door to be let in. This emerging constituency, perhaps a maximum of about 300 million, is keen to outsource its future to an oligarchy because it has sniffed the latter’s success. It wants membership of the oligarchy.
That leaves 800 million dependent on goodwill. Democracy is not about generosity. It is about entitlement. Democracy is not about patronage. It is about equality. Democracy is about being inclusive, not exclusive. Democracy is about an equal vote in the political boardroom, not just in the ballot box.
                                                                  - Article by M J Akbar


Akshataa said...

I like this :)

Devashish Guruji said...

Even i like this :) Good composition, you've struck the basic idea of the article visually.. it works :)