22 Feb 2010


I featured different performers from Fireflies'10. Overall, I thought it was a good show. You guys should also go next year.


V Rakesh said...

Good one!

Josh (musarter) said...

I like this piece. All the different people have their own personalities. The use of color is also interesting.

Thanks for the comment on my blog; I always enjoy feedback.

You asked for feedback and I can give the normal feedback most blogger's give which is only mentioning positive aspects of your art. Or, if you would like, I can offer a opinion that might help you grow. Please comment once more on my blog to let me know.

Josh (musarter) said...

I will tell you the truth.

I really like your work and honestly I think the work that is more illustrative, or put within a design context, is stronger.

I know the artist/designer dichotomy is slippery but it is a choice most creatives must make. I say follow your heart; it is tough making a living either way. Don't let fear or money choose for you.

Now more about your style:
I really like your use of color in most of your pieces. I also like the line work specifically on the monochromatic pieces (one that stands out is the postcard or even the piece in this post). There is a certain exoticness or freedom, intentional or not, in your forms that is refreshing.

On the critical side, and this is just a suggestion and meant to build you up:
I would suggest practicing drawing from life, using photo references or, even better, taking multiple semesters of life drawing. If you can draw people well you can draw anything. I am not saying this to change your style. I think your simplification of figures works but I think it could benefit from a greater understanding real world forms and dimensions. I think your work could be more powerful if reality was distorted rather than just drawing from pure perception, if that makes sense.

This is just my opinion take it or leave it. I truelly hope this helps you in your journey. Best of luck in your artistic exploration.