11 Jun 2009

Happy Days

These days are ours. Share them with me. (oh Happy Days)
These days are ours. Happy and free. (oh Happy Days)
These Happy Days are yours and mine.
These Happy Days are yours and mine, Happy Days.


maanvi said...

i think this is one of your best works..the illustration is really great..i love the deep jeet and rohan characters...=)

radhika said...

very original I must say!
I like shomi n deep-jeet's:) n I like my gums lol
good work.. & good observation!

arti said...

this is my favourite...u are really talented..good job:)

Rajatri said...

I love your work!!

Rohan takes the cake though...the red glasses and the mike!

The gums make Rad distinguishable!

miss u!!

"My personal favourite..."-DOLLY!!

Kritika Soni said...

i really really like this one. quite interesting. each character is well executed.. nice :)

shruti said...

and this i really like. because ive met 4 out of 6. deep and jeet take the cake. :D

shruti said...

oh my. someone else said, "takes the cake". ok sorry, i just saw. didn't copy ok?. I DIDN'T.

jazzlamb said...

Woho. I really really like. Very unusual:D
Killer hegaa, boss!

aastha mittal said...

love it ,,,

Anonymous said...

karno u r a genius...loved it!. very original concept. congo. keep it up.


Anonymous said...

grt wrk luvd it

Roshnee said...

hey awesome awesome style :)

yeah the batootas are priced at Rs. 200 each.

Let me know if you want some!